Backoffice Consulting is a service provider established by multi-disciplinary professionals from the technology, finance, governance, sales and marketing industries.

We are a client focused company that have cost-effective technology solutions for small business entrepreneurs. Our innovative minded result-oriented professionals work with individual clients and help them find the way through challenging paths.

Our business is unique and offers forward thinking solutions covering all dimensions of business: payments technology, treasury, backoffice functions and much more, at reasonable rates.

Why you should choose us

Our mission is to provide top-notch outsourcing services to business ventures, cost-effectively. We direct our expert professionals to reduce your voluminous paper work and facilitate long-term customer relationships through offering tasks much needed by your business, such as payments technology, treasury and many other backoffice tasks.

Our team of professionals are ready to facilitate your backoffice support services and keep you away from tiresome activities to let you focus on the most important goals of business.

Hiring our services as Backoffice Consulting is helpful, particularly when:

  • You need regular maintenance and supervision to handle your business information.
  • You want your people to focus on your business growth and to let our people handle the rest.
  • You want to reduce workload and stress on management.
  • You need expert professionals to handle your business aspects: payments technology, treasury and many other backoffice tasks.

3 Key attributes of the business


Running a business without human resources and having expert knowledge is impossible. We have a team of professionals who can save you time and organise all your information to streamline your business processes.


Our dedicated and committed workers exceed your expectations. Our skilled manpower makes sure that your job is done right the first time.


Our team can multitask for your business processes. From data reconciliation to marketing campaigns, our professional workers are experienced and can help you achieve milestones with exceptional quality.

Let’s be the part of the new Chapter of Innovation

Our clients are more than a family to us as we want to facilitate them as much as we can. Apart from the required services, we provide numerous services such as on the spot assistance and free follow-up sessions to make our clients feel comfortable in the highly demanding environment.